Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Dream of Blue Butterflies

Photo credit: Tihi Krpach

I had the very best of luck to attend a transformative dream workshop over the past weekend. Over the course of the weekend I dreamt of blue butterflies. I saw one, then I became one. It wasn't the only symbol I "worked through" over the weekend, but now I'm seeing them everywhere. Just this morning I passed a billboard at a tram stop with "You can transform your life" plastered across, yep, an enormous blue butterfly.

What a lovely message of encouragement from the universe. It reminds me to show gratitude for an interesting life and all the myriad signposts along the way.

"All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties mankind together."
-Jack Kerouac

In Loving Kindness,

Zsa Zsa x

Monday, 28 January 2013

A long absence..

Some beginnings are hesitant. Some relationships are rocky. This may be the way this online thing works for me. I have to admit, though I love what technology can do, I often find it frustrating to use. So faced with a problem uploading photos, what did I do but run off and IGNORE the problem.

To be fair, meanwhile I have done a few other things, market stalls and shop orders, Reiki and meditation workshops. There was a Christmas (merry) and a New Year (happy) thrown in mix there too. And slowly, slowly I've been working my way back to this blog. It is my intention, after a request or two to add a cushion tutorial. I'm almost there! If patience is a virtue, you're all saints, ok?

On New Year's Eve, a quarter of one of my molars fell out. I'm a habitual tooth grinder and I joked with one of my meditation friends that there was a message in it all somewhere. As I stared down the dentistry light a couple of days later I realised something quite profound about myself. I brace for the worst. My first instinct is to prepare for the something terrible that is surely about to happen. Yes, ok I was in a dentist chair, but my point is, the actual experience was fine. My perception of it was awful. I was paralysed by my own fear. Why do I do it? Is it enough to acknowledge the fear and release it to break a lifetime of bad habits? I hope so. Here's to living the experience as it happens, without the hang-ups. X

Saturday, 3 November 2012



I make new things from old. Some people call this upcycling. I like to think of is as stretching my creative muscle.... Or reinvention, as Maya Donenfeld calls it in her fabulous book of the same name.  It's a great read and full of inspiring creative projects. Read more about Maya and her book here.

All this creativity is being channelled towards a market stall at the Bank Street Markets, in South Melbourne. Click here for market times and directions. I thought it might be nice to have a place to document the process of reinvention, so that my lovely customers could see the journey their items had taken in being created. This is that place. I also thought it might be nice to share the process as tutorials, for those creative souls wishing to make their own. 

There are so many wonderful materials that exist already in the world it seems like such a shame to waste these in favour of buying new. There is also an added buzz making new from old, whatever is made has more character. More life. More soul, if I can be forgiven for the anthropomorphism.